Dur Hospitality Sponsors the Saudi Feast Food Festival In Partnership with the Ministry of Culture

Dec 20 2022

Dur Hospitality announced its participation as a strategic sponsor with the Ministry of Culture in the second edition of The Saudi Feast Food Festival that has been organized by The Saudi Culinary Arts Commission from December 12 to December 29, 2022.

Dur aims to celebrate the authentic Saudi culinary culture and highlight Dur’s concerted efforts on food as part of the Saudi heritage to endorse Saudi hospitality on a global level, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives. 

During the festival, Chef Malak Al-Zahrani from Makarem Ajyad Hotel Makkah drew attention to Dur’s pioneering AI-based initiative, Winnow Vision. As part of Dur’s sustainability approach, this advanced automated food detection technology is equipped with a motion camera and digital scale, to make decisions that improve food conservation and reduce waste. 

Al-Zahrani touched upon food safety, introducing the world-class food safety controls Dur implements across its facilities and showcasing Dur’s food conservation practices.      

The first edition of The Saudi Feast Food Festival was launched in 2021 as a global destination for cooking and food enthusiasts, including Saudi culinary lovers, as well as local and international chefs. An ideal space for knowledge sharing, the platform attracts entrepreneurs, local and international chefs, restaurant experts, farmers and all those aspiring to create educational, commercial, and investment opportunities and cooperate to share a memorable experience with the visitors amidst winter ambiance.