Dur Hospitality Receives 7 Medals and a Merit Award Certificate From “Saudi Horeca 2022”

Dur Hospitality Receives 7 Medals and a Merit Award Certificate From “Saudi Horeca 2022”
Dec 29 2022

Dur Hospitality announced the prestigious achievement of its chefs who have been awarded 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and one bronze medal, in addition to a merit certificate award. This culinary event took place within the biggest international food, beverage, and hospitality exhibition in Saudi Arabia, “Saudi Horeca 2022”, which was held between November 22 to 24 at “Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center” (RICEC), where 6 chefs participated in the competition, representing three of Dur’s subsidiary hotels, Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel, Holiday Inn and Suites Al Jubail, and Riyadh Airport Mariott Hotel.

Remarkably, Riyadh Airport Mariott Hotel garnered attention with Ernesto Taghona winning a bronze medal, Gopinath Sakritis winning three silver medals, and Noureddine Hassan winning a gold medal, in addition to Hanadi Al-Sulayhim, who has received a certificate of merit award. Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel reaped another success with Malak Al-Zahrani winning a gold medal. The journey of success continued with Ahmed Majdi winning the gold medal from  Holiday Inn Suites Al Jubail.

This great achievement emphasizes Dur’s paramount role in its personnel and highlights its close attention to promoting outstanding quality services in various hospitality arts, especially culinary art. It also cements the company’s innovative strategy for training and hiring more Saudi talents, thereby contributing to leveraging the hospitality sector, in line with the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Saudi Horeca 2022 attracted massive participation from local and global hospitality companies. Fostering competition, top chefs from all over the world enjoyed the Hospitality Salon Culinaire intensive competition on the sidelines of the event, as this offered them an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their unraveled creativity and exceptional skills, meeting an expert panel of international judges who evaluated their performance according to the highest standards. In parallel, more than 50 international baristas competed against the Saudi barista for a world-class barista title.