Dur Hospitality Participates as a Strategic Sponsor for Fashion Futures

Nov 21 2022
Demonstrating its ambitious sustainability targets and Highlighting its “Linens for Livelihood” initiative

Dur Hospitality announced participating in the "Future of Fashion" conference as a strategic partner. Hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission, the conference was held November 17-19.

Dur’s participation in the conference was a great momentum to stage the company’s humanitarian campaign, “Linens for Livelihood”, which was launched as part of Dur’s concerted efforts to embrace the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR program. To this end, Dur’s initiative correlated high levels of engagement by donating the hotels’ linens, mattress covers, towels, pillows, and blankets to support charitable organizations. Making collective success possible across all Dur Hospitality hotels in the Kingdom more than 50000 pieces were donated for this purpose.

Demonstrating its commitment to recycling performance as an important principle of social responsibility and sustainability development goals, the "Fashion Futures" conference created a platform for Dur Hospitality to display a two-piece outfit designed from recycled linens.

Making the greatest difference possible and uplifting its initiative, Dur has also organized a workshop that aimed at teaching participants how to recycle old bed sheets and transform them into creative outfits. 

It is worth noting that the "Fashion Futures" conference was launched in 2019 by the Saudi  Fashion Commission under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. The "Fashion Futures" initiative was revived in 2021 as a digital platform enabling everyone around the world to access and explore the innovation and sustainability of the fashion industry.