Corporate Social Responsibility

Dur Hospitality Company takes pride in being one of the leaders in the corporate social responsibility field in Saudi Arabia. The basic premise of all the corporate social responsibility initiatives is to utilize the Company’s resources, properties, expertise, and human potential, and direct them to serve the community under the “Athar” brand

DCA Ifthaar

During the Holy month of Ramadan, Dur invited 32 families of 96 members from the Disabled Children’s Association (DCA) and hosted them in its properties in various regions of the Kingdom.

3rd Blessing Box Campaign

300 boxes 15KG each containing 16 ingredients of basic and essential foods with various sources of nutrients and proteins were donated through Imam Muhammad bin Saud Charity and Ighathat Malhouf, to be distributed to 300 families. The boxes were prepared and distributed by the Social Responsibility team in collaboration with Dur’s staff, who also raised funds worth over 42,500 SAR compared to 32,000 SAR in 2017.

Cleaning of Mosques

Dur’s CSR team, together with the support of the PMFM maintenance team cleaned nearby mosques during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The cleaning included executions such as carpet cleaning, light bulb changes, and cleaning Air Conditioning systems.

Blood Donation

Dur organized Blood Donation Campaigns in cooperation with King Faisal Specialist Hospital at the company's headquarters. In the 2018 campaign, 40 employees made donations while 32 employees donated in the 2017 campaign.
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Paper Waste Collection

This was an initiative executed in partnership with a third-party organization that primarily focuses on recycling paper. The initiative comprised of the organization picking up all recyclables from Dur twice every month.

Chinese Umrah

Dur Hospitality in partnership with the Calling Chinese Office, hosted 53 Chinese Muslims, as part of the company’s CSR initiatives to host under privileged Muslim pilgrims from new countries. They were hosted at Makarem Al-Bait Hotel and received with great care and attention. They were also introduced to Makarem's exclusive services, and presented with gifts

Paper Re-cycling and Garbage Segregation

Dur conducted an informative internal campaign for all its employees on Paper Re-Cycling and Garbage Segregation. The campaign covered aspects such as the importance of recycling, sessions on reducing and reusing recyclable material. In cooperation with Scrap CO, Dur recycled 11,703 kg in 2018.

More than 13 tons of electronic and electrical waste were recycled in support of "Sponsor an orphan with your old devices” initiative

In cooperation with the Charity Committee for Orphans Care (Ensan) and TADWEEER (Recycling of Electronic and Electrical Equipment), Dur contributed to the initiative of “Sponsor an Orphan with Your Old Devices” by collecting and recycling more than 13 tons of electrical and electronic waste from the company's headquarters and its facilities in Riyadh. Tadweer collected this waste from hotels and properties then reimbursed Ensan for this waste value.

Sponsor an Orphan with Your Old Device

Dur signs a partnership agreement with Tadweer and Ensan to support the “Sponsor an Orphan with Your Old Device” initiative. We have already started collecting all electrical wastes from our properties and have around 8000 pieces so far where Tadweer collects this waste from hotels and properties then reimburse Ensan for this waste value. Tadweeer is a pioneer company in WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling in the MENA region.

Blessing Box

528 boxes 21KG each containing 16 ingredients of basic and essential foods with various sources of nutrients and proteins were distributed to 260 unfortunate and needy families serving more than 1000 individuals. The ingredients have been purchased, packed, assembled, and distributed by Dur HQ employees.

Global Biking Initiative

Global Biking Initiative Dur Hospitality extended its partnership and sponsored the “” organized by the Saudi cyclist’s ride-2017 from Riyadh to al Qassim on the Arab orphan day. Under the moto of cycle for the orphans, raise awareness and get fit; the cyclists rode over 3 days to cover nearly 400km. A challenge like this is not just about distances covered and start and finish points, the bike ride is about group effort, friendship, spirit and more importantly raising funds for The Charity Committee for Orphans Welfare – Insan.

The ride brought together a vast array of people from many different backgrounds, each with their own reasons for taking up the challenge and fundraising stories. Over the three days, likeminded people swapped stories and ideas and found new friends all while completing a truly wonderful cycle ride

Linens for Livelihood

Continuity of “linens for livelihood” program which we launched late 2016 of which Dur Hotels donate used linens, towels, bed sheets, pillows, blankets and sheets to charities caring for needy and poor people, with part of the textiles given to animal welfare associations. In 2016, nearly 39000 pcs were collected, assembled, packaged and donated. From June 2017 until this day, around 12,000 pc are ready to be donated.