Corporate Social Responsibility

Dur Hospitality Company takes pride in being one of the leaders in the corporate social responsibility field in Saudi Arabia. The basic premise of all the corporate social responsibility initiatives is to utilize the Company’s resources, properties, expertise, and human potential, and direct them to serve the community under the “Athar” brand

Renovation of Bunyan Houses

As part of the agreement signed with Bunyan Association, the houses of the association located in Al-Gharoub neighborhood were visited and 4 houses of the beneficiary families were renovated. The renovation process included plumbing and electricity, as well as external repairs to the building.
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Participation in Tamheer program

Dur started supporting Tamheer Program of the Human Resources Development Fund since the beginning of last September. 13 trainees were received at the company and its hotels to be trained, prepared and equipped with the necessary skills and expertise.
Tamheer is one of the training programs targeting graduates from local and foreign universities. The program aims to train the graduates in government institutions and distinguished private sector companies, to enable them to acquire experience and high skills by involving in the labor market.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

In order to participate in various social initiatives, Dur’s Social Responsibility team held a breast cancer awareness campaign in cooperation with Zahra Association, DQ Organization for the residents of the Diplomatic Quarter, Dur’s female employees and employees’ wives. The campaign included an awareness lecture by a competent physician and various sports classes to prevent disease.

A fun day for special needs children by Dur Hospitality in celebration of the Saudi National Day

In commemoration of the 88th National Day of Saudi Arabia, Dur Hospitality treated children from the DSCA to a morning of fun and entertainment.

The event was held at the Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel, with the participation and support of Dur’s generous Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The celebrations created an ambiance of color with performances from acrobats, clowns, and magicians, as well as fun games and competitions for the children. Additionally, the children were also hosted to a delightful breakfast. 

Linens of Livelihood

Following the successful launch in late 2016, Dur continued its renowned initiative “linens for livelihood” where the company donated used linens, towels, bed sheets, pillows, blankets and sheets to charities caring for needy and poor people, with part of the textiles given to animal welfare associations. For the year 2018, 1274 linens and 396 uniforms were donated to Ighathat Malhouf while 180 linens were donated to Open Paws. 
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Employment of Dreamers Initiative

Employment of Dreamers Initiative was launched on three phases with the aim of contributing to the creation of job opportunities for jobseekers. 962 Saudi young men and women were recruited after attending intensive workshops and courses on how to write a professional CV and the right way to search for jobs online.

Graduation of the first batch of Tahseen Program

Dur celebrated the graduation of 30 students of Tahseen, a unique hospitality leadership training program created by Marriott International Group in collaboration with Cornell University in order to support and develop local Saudi talents and attract qualified individuals to work in the hospitality industry. Through Tahseen program, graduates managed to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to meet the expectations of the Saudi hospitality industry.

Hosting DSCA Kids on the National Day

Dur Hospitality celebrated the Saudi National Day with 48 children and their families from Down Syndrome Charitable Association DSCA at Riyadh Marriott Hotel. The children enjoyed recreational activities and various corners as well as gifts from the company.

Partnership agreement with the College of Business Administration

in order to support young cadres, Dur Hospitality signed a partnership agreement with the College of Business Administration at Umm al-Qura University aims to open greater horizons for students who always make positive impressions and clear fingerprints in their workplace. The agreement was signed in the presence of Dr. Sultan Al-Buqami, Dean of the College of Business Administration, Dr. Faisal Al-Sharif, Director General of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Makkah and a number of government officials.

Kiswat Al Eid

During the holy month of Ramadan, Dur’s social responsibility team launched “Kiswat Al Eid” initiative to allow all employees to contribute to spreading joy and happiness to the needy by donating new or used clothes to those in need. About 197 kg of clothing were collected for Bunyan Women's Charitable Association for Family Development, which in turn displayed them in its charitable market.
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Your Job your Scholarship program

Dur’s cooperation with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for External Scholarship is part of the partnership and integration between the public and private sectors. A number of students who had previously been nominated by the Ministry of Education have been hired to fill vacancies in the company's hotels in the Eastern, Western and central regions.

Sponsor an Orphan with Your Old Devices” Initiative

To support the preservation of the environment and protect communities from the harmful effects of electronic pollution, Dur Hospitality formed a partnership with Ensan, the Charity Committee for Orphans Care and TADWEER, the organization for Recycling of Electronic and Electrical Equipment. The objective of this initiative is to collect and recycle old electronic items owned by Dur and any of its properties, a process carried out by TADWEER. Following the success of this initiative in 2017, Dur gathered electronic items of 8272 KG from Makarem’s Crowne Plaza and 18,310 KG from Marriot, all of which generated over SAR 11,000 that were donated for charity. In October 2018, Dur’s hotels in Makkah gathered a total of 1,020 KGS of electronics which generated 470 SR.