Dur Hospitality Supports Employment Programs and Promotes Employment Opportunities of Saudi Youth To contribute to the localization of the hospitality sector in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Nov 13 2018

Driven by its strategy to support the Saudi competencies in the hospitality industry, Dur Hospitality announced its contribution to supporting three programs aimed at training Saudi nationals and providing them with the necessary skills to enter the labor market. The programs are Tamheer Program, Your Job and Your Scholarship Program and Employment of Dreamers initiative.

Dur’s support indicates its keenness to strengthen its leadership role in serving the community and supporting social responsibility programs. It is also part of its plan to attract more Saudi cadres and contribute to the localization of jobs in the Kingdom’s hospitality sector in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The three-phase “Employment of Dreamers” initiative was launched to provide employment opportunities for jobseekers, upon which 962 young Saudi men and women were recruited after attending extensive workshops and courses on how to write a professional CV and the right way to search for jobs online.

Dur’s cooperation with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for the external scholarship program “Your Job and Your Scholarship” is part of the partnership and integration between the public and private sectors. A number of students who had previously been nominated by the Ministry of Education have been hired to fill vacancies in the company’s hotels in the western and central regions.

Dur began its support towards the “Tamheer” program of the Human Resources Development Fund since the beginning of September 2017. 13 trainees were received at the company and its hotels to be trained, prepared and equipped with the necessary skills and expertise. Tamheer is one of the training programs targeting graduates from local and foreign universities, and it aims to train graduates in government institutions and distinguished private companies, to enable them to acquire experience and high skills by being immersed in the labor market.

Dur also signed partnership and cooperation agreements with several universities, including the College of Business Administration at Umm Al Qura University, to open greater horizons for students who strive to make positive impressions and changes in their workplace.

It is worth mentioning that Dur Hospitality plays a great role in developing and training national cadres in the Kingdom’s hospitality industry. It is characterized by its active role and contributions in increasing the appeal of the Kingdom’s hospitality sector in order to draw in more young national talent by supporting initiatives such as Tahseen Hospitality Training Program, which was launched by Marriott International and focuses on providing the young national talent with key elements of success.