Dur Hospitality recognized at the Women Leaders Program Contributing to Empowering Saudi Women

Dec 08 2019

Dur Hospitality was recognized by the Ministry of Labor for the company’s participation at the Women Leaders Program held on the 26th of November in Riyadh, KSA. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Labor in cooperation with Princess Noura University and INSEAD French Institute in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi - Minister of Labor and Social Development.
Mr. Sultan Al- Otaibi, CEO of Dur Hospitality stated “With the increase in talents among Saudi women leaders, Dur is always encouraging and supporting local talents by providing them with the best trainings and opportunities to excel and learn. Dur conducts and supports many training programs aiming directly at the local talent such as Employment of Dreamers Initiative, Tahseen in cooperation with Marriott international and Cornell University, and Your Job Your Scholarship Program, among many others”
Under this program, as many as 1,700 Saudi women will be trained on leadership and the improvement of skills.