Dur Hospitality launches unique training program

May 14 2019

Dur Hospitality has successfully launched the first session of an exclusively designed training program in partnership with Insight Out, a leading regional consultancy, to train all its front office teams at Makarem hotels with a range of fundamental hospitality skills.

The first session was conducted at the Makarem Annakheel Village Obhour where it witnessed the enrollment and participation of 20 of the hotel’s front office employees.

Commending this unique initiative, President of Hotel Operations at Dur Hospitality Mr. Hassan Ahdab highlighted the company’s commitment in building a strong service culture, and the importance in developing the capabilities and confidence of Dur’s employees, stating that front desk employees are the first and main point of contact between Dur and its hotel guests, and are thus valued as major contributors towards the company’s success.

Mr. Ahdab also reiterated the significance of such programs in contributing towards uplifting national talents within the hospitality industry and achieving the Saudization goals outlined in Vision 2030, in turn developing the Saudi hospitality sector and increasing its regional and international competitiveness.

Further remarking on this launch, Mona Faraj, Founder & Managing Director at Insight Out Consultancy and driver of the program said “It has been a rewarding experience to bring forward our expertise in hospitality in the Region and create a bespoke program for Front Line Saudi Nationals.We want to thank Dur Hospitality for their visionary leadership by being the first to roll out this initiative across their portfolio. Enhancing and developing local talent is one of the core values for all of us, and one of the key pillars of 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia, we are just honored to be part of that.”

The training program, which is organized by Dur for the first time, had been specifically tailored to fit the needs and standards of the Saudi hospitality market. It focuses primarily on efficiency in service delivery, and seeks to encourage employees to think out of the box and pursue innovation and creativity through developing novel approaches that live up to Makarem’s commitment in providing remarkable and unmatched guest experiences.

A rollout of additional sessions will soon follow to ensure all 300 front desk employees across all Dur’s Makarem hotels are equipped with essential skills needed to present remarkable guest services.