Dur Hospitality introduces Winnow Vision technology to Saudi Arabia’s for the first time in the hospitality sector

Feb 11 2020

Dur Hospitality has unveiled its adoption of the Winnow Vision Technology at the Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel in a pioneering step taken for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The announcement came during the recent Saudi Hospitality Investment Conference (SHIC) hosted by Dur for the third consecutive year under the theme “Transform Tomorrow”.
Winnow Vision is an advanced food detection technology equipped with a motion camera and digital scale. It utilizes image led analytics to survey daily and weekly food waste trends at hotel kitchens, and provide instant feedback that allows F&B departments to make decisions that improve food conservation and reduce waste.
In this regard, Dur’s President of Hotel Operations Mr. Hassan Ahdab commended this prominent achievement and reiterated its significance in supporting Dur’s commitment towards sustainability in line with the Saudi Arabia’s initiative to halve food waste in the Kingdom’s hotels by 2023. He added that Dur is continually seeking to incorporate world-class technologies throughout its operations to enhance productivity, service quality, and environmental protection efforts, while inspiring other hotels and businesses to follow suit and let go of throwaway consumer culture.
Winnow Vision technologies are being implemented by leading global hotels in more than 40 countries, where they are utilized by over 1,300 kitchens. The innovative technology is enabling the global hospitality sector to save over $35 million USD in food costs annually, in addition to augmenting sustainability and environmental conservation efforts.