Dur Hospitality collects more than 4000 E-waste pieces in support of "Sponsor an orphan with your old devices” initiative

Aug 03 2017

In its efforts to activate social programs which would contribute to enhancing social partnerships with charitable organizations, Dur hospitality signed a partnership agreement with the Charity Committee for Orphans’ Care “Ensan” and TADWEEER to support “Sponsor an Orphan with Your Old Devices” initiative.

This initiative comes in line with Dur hospitality’s endeavor to achieve environmental sustainability while supporting a humanitarian cause.

As per this agreement, Dur hospitality has embarked in collecting the old electronics from its headquarters and properties across the Kingdom. TADWEEER will then collect and recycle the old electronics in accordance with the international recycling standards, whereas the revenue generated from the recycling process will be donated to “Ensan”.

This initiative aims at providing the latest environment friendly methods of recycling and disposing e-wastes, creating job opportunities for Saudis with priority to orphans and widows, and support the humanitarian activities of Ensan.

“Sponsor orphans with your old devices” is a valuable addition to Dur’s CSR program that includes several initiatives such as, paper recycling program, rationalization of water and energy consumption according to international standards for green buildings, and minimizing the impact on the company’s project on the environment.

Dr. Badr Al Bader, CEO Dur Hospitality, said: "Serving the community is what motivates us to support various social, humanitarian and environmental initiatives, which positively reflects on the company's operations and its relationship with our stakeholders."

Dr. Badr Al Bader added: “Dur Hospitality was able to collect more than 4000 pieces of electrical and electronic waste from the company’s headquarters and properties around the Kingdom.”

Mr. Saleh Alyoussuf, Director General of Ensan, expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards Dur hospitality for supporting this initiative that reflects Dur’s responsibility and commitment towards its community and society. He also valued TADWEEER’s role in this initiative by dedicating a share of the recycling revenues to support Ensan’s initiatives and activities.

He also thanked TADWEEER for its prominent role in this field, announcing that the two parties had previously signed an agreement whereby TADWEEER channels part of the electronic and electrical waste revenue to the Association.